(Community Reinvesting in Educational Opportunities)
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Committed to working with:

                                                ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY:

WT CREO along with many others worked together to increase the enrollment of Hispanics at Angelo State University to more than 25%, thus allowing ASU to become (HSI) Hispanic Serving Institution.   Angelo State University is now a Hispanic Serving Institute, (HSI)
Benefits of achieving HSI are:

  • Purchase Library Materials
  • Support Faculty development
  • Purchase laboratory equipment
  • Construction, maintenance, renovation & improvements of instructional facilities
  • Establishing  or improving an endowment fund
  • Tutoring, counseling, and student service programs
  • Establish or enhance a program or teacher education designed to qualify students to teach in public schools
  • Expand the number of Hispanics and other underrepresented graduates 
First Generation student are those students whose parents did not graduate from a two or four-year institution of higher learning.  In other words, they and/or their siblings will probably be the first in their family to graduate from college.

The First Generation Host Family Program consist of:

  • Matching students with local "host family" who help students feel welcome and help them settle into their new life as a college student.
  • The First Generation  Host program was created to help ASU freshman students make a smooth transition into life as an undergraduate student.


                             SAN ANGELO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT:

The C.R.E.O. mentor program was implemented to assist the San Angelo Independent School District decrease their drop out rates. 

  • Our goal is to promote and assist individuals, which include disadvantaged and at risk youth, in completing educational opportunities. 
  • To assist students gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own futures including, and with an increasing emphasis on positive academic, career and personal skills.

According to the Harvard Mentoring Project, youth with mentors feel increased competence about their school work; have positive relationships with others; and have better attitudes toward their families, their schools and their futures.  Youth with mentors are:

  • 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
  • 53% less likely to skip school
  • 33% less likely to engage in violence



Mentor, Virginia Lucero discusses or explains a PE lesson to mentee, Rosa Perez who is attending PAYS School.


WEST TEXAS C.R.E.O. in partnership with SAN ANGELO P-16+


Café Con Leche

This  program is to add visibility and impress upon the message that college is accessible and affordable by providing a parental outreach component, to predominantly Hispanic or bilingual families, entitled Café con Leche (Coffee with Milk). The presentations are open to everyone.


A Café con Leche presentation will address real and perceived obstacles of social, economic and academic.


  • The Social aspects are such challenges as first in the family to go to college or first-generation college students, many parents have never set foot on a college campus and cultural misunderstandings.
  • Economic challenges to be addressed are misperceptions associated with the media’s attention on the cost or rising cost of education, over-estimating costs, under-estimating aid, lack of financial planning and lack of aid information.
  • Academic issues to address are misunderstanding about college-preparatory curriculum and high school graduation plans (Minimum High School Plan, Recommended High School Plan and Distinguished High School Plan) and the affects of college-qualified students who do not attend any college or obtain any postsecondary education. 


The UT-Institute of Public School Initiatives has offered this program for 2 years and has given $226,000 in scholarship funding to first-time, first-generation, high school senior students via their parent(s) attending Café con Leche presentations.


Trained volunteers will host the Café con Leche presentations to facilitate conversation and provide information, offer coffee and pastries and discuss with parents the fears and obstacles they face when sending their students to college.


The UT-Institute of Public School Initiatives existing PowerPoint presentation will be utilized at each session and each session is anticipated to be 1 ½-2 hours in length.


W. T. C.R.E.O. and The San Angelo P-16+ Education Partnership will work to garner scholarship funding.


Scholarship awards will be in letter format verifying the receipt of a scholarship and how to receive the scholarship funds at the appropriate time.


Scholarship funding will not be given directly to students or families but will be payable to the appropriate university or financial aid office.


West Texas C.R.E.O. and The San Angelo P-16+ Education Partnership will also work toward funding for incentives for parents to participate. Fifty Dollar gift cards from Wal-Mart will be raffled to parents participating.


These presentations are offered at all grade levels.   For the younger grade levels the presentations will help the parents become aware of college possibilities. The parents will also become aware that they must get involved at school, they must create a learning culture at home and they will make attending college an expectation.


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