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Dear Graduate,

The West Texas C.R.E.O. (Community Re-investing in Educational Opportunities) invites you to participate in the first annual La Despedida on Friday, May 23rd.  The ceremony will take place at the Kenneth McNease Convention Center in San Angelo at 7 o’clock in the evening.

What is La Despedida ?

§  La Despedida, meaning farewell, is a ceremony honoring 2014 graduates and candidates for graduation.

§  La Despedida will include a bilingual English-and-Spanish ceremony, Mariachi music and a fiesta reception.

§  La Despedida is a special recognition and send-off for students. La Despedida provides an opportunity to bring the participants' educational journey full circle by honoring their strong familial roots, the people who have graduated before them and helped pave their way, and their community who will benefit from their achievements.

§  La Despedida is an event that is culturally relevant for students with strong ties to Hispanic traditions.

§  La Despedida is a reminder for Latinos of their cultural heritage.

There is no charge for you to participate in La Despedia, this event will last approximately 90 minutes.  You will enter with a group of fellow graduates in a procession, be seated in a designated area and introduced to all guests.  A keynote speaker will address the room and offer a challenge to your future endeavors.  Your bio will be featured in a program which will be distributed at the event.  Your family is greatly encouraged to attend and share in the recognition of their honored graduate. 

Note:  This event is free of charge to participants and attendees.

To notify us of your participation in La Despedida, please contact me at 325-659-7000 or at SanAngeloDespedida@gmail.com.   The deadline to participate in this event is May 12th.

In closing, the C.R.E.O. group hopes you accept the invitation to participate in this first time event, an event that we hope to make an annual affair. Last but not least, our warmest Congratulations on your upcoming high school commencement!

Sincere regards


Louie Perez

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